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Icom IC-M72
VHF Marine Transceiver

Icom IC-M72 VHF Marine Radio features:
Auto scan function to start scanning when receiving no signal
Auto WX scan and WX Alert function
Auto power save function
Simple add/delete TAG scanning operation
Battery indicator shows remaining battery power in 4 levels
Instant access to Ch. 16 and Ch. 9 (or call channel)
AquaQuake draining function ejects water from speaker grill

Compact Body, Great "Form Factor"
  • A compact design, hourglass body-shape and comfortable side grips give the IC-M72 an outstanding "form factor"-it's easy to use with just one hand!

  • Highest available power! 6 Watts
  • The IC-M72's 6 Watts of transmit power can carry a conversation a long way. A large capacity 2000mAh Lithium-Ion battery allows for 15-16 hours of operation, under normal conditions*.
    * 5% Transmit, 5% Receive, 90% Stand-by

  • Impressive Force5Audio
  • The M72's impressive audio output (600mW typ.*) is loud enough to hear in most any marine environment even over loud engine noise.
    (* 10% distortion, 8Q load)

  • Submersible PLUS (IPX8)
  • The IC-M72 offers Icom's best-ever protection against water intrusion. This radio has been tested to survive after being submersed in 1.5m (4.9ft) depth of water for 30 minutes.

  • Icom IC-M72 VHF Marine TransceiverWide Viewing Angle LCD
  • A wide viewing angle, high intensity LCD is used in the IC-M72, offering bright, easy to read characters. The bright LCD backlighting and backlit keypad is great for night time operation.

  • 30% Shorter Antenna
  • The IC-M72's antenna is engineered to perform with typical Icom efficiency even though it is nearly 30%* shorter than previous Icom marine antenna.
    * IC-M72's antenna length is 115mm; 417/32 in.

  • Package Includes: Icom IC-M72 Radio, Battery Pack, AC Adaptor, Antenna, Desktop Battery Charger, Belt Clip, and Hand Strap.


    Replaced by the Icom IC-M73 VHF Radio.

    Icom IC-M72 VHF Marine Radio

    Icom HM 167 Speaker MicrophoneIcom HM 167 Speaker Microphone
    Optional submersible speaker-microphone, HM-167
    Full sized, waterproof construction, corresponds to JIS grade 7 (1 m/30 min.). An alligator type clip is equipped. (formerly HM-125). Designed for the IC-M72, IC-M73, IC-M73+ Plus, or IC-M92.

    #EICMHM167 List Price $100.00Only $89.95

    Icom CP 17L Cigarette Lighter AdapterIcom CP 17L Cigarette Lighter Adapter
    Plug your Icom IC-M36, Icom IC-M34, Icom IC-M72, Icom IC-M1V, Icom IC-M2A or Icom IC-M88 VHF in and recharge while in your car or boat. Features a built in noise filter.

    #EICMCP17L List Price $30.00Only $23.95