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Davis Windex 15

Davis Windex 15



Davis Windex 15




Windex wind vanes continue to offer exceptional performance at the best value of any wind indicator worldwide. Bird-proof spike extends another 10" (24 cm) above the vane to discourage birds from landing.


Davis Windex is the perfect choice for a wide range of masthead wind indicators well suited for racers and cruisers from 15' (4.6 meters) to well over 100' (30 meters).

The secret is in the sapphire jewel suspension bearing, large fin/low inertia vane and easy-to-read, fully adjustable tacking tab system that enables the Windex to find breeze direction at less than one knot. The Davis Windex is unmatched in its sensitivity to light air, oscillating puffs, and is equally responsive when the breeze kicks up, with their fortitude having been tunnel-tested to wind speeds of over 80Kts.

The Windex includes reflector tape on the vane and tacking tabs make Windex easy to see at night. You don't have to be an America's Cup skip- per or Grand Prix racer to appreciate the sensitive responsiveness, durability and best value of a Windex wind vane.


  • The Davis Windex 15 Wind Vane provides both racers and cruisers with accurate apparent wind direction information
  • Sapphire suspension bearing-makes the unIt'sensitive in light air and very responsive in heavier air
  • Includes an Adjustable tacking tab system
  • The Bird spike keeps birds away from the masthead
    • The bird-proof spike extends an extra 10 inches (24 cm) above the vane to discourage birds from landing
  • Reflective tape makes the Windex easy to see at night
  • Comes with through-bolt or drill and tap mounting socket
  • Tunnel tested to wind speeds in excess of 80 knots
  • The Davis Windex 15 has a 15" (38 cm) vane
  • Stands 12.75" (32 cm) tall
  • Includes:
    • Through-bolt for drill and tap mounting socket
    • 5/16" -18 Stainless stud
    • Washers and nut
  • Installation Option: Install, Spar-Fly on a dock or piling near your berth
    • Knowing wind direction makes docking easier

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