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Sail Trim

One evening: 3 hours

Course Overview:
This course makes sail trim understandable for novice to intermediate sailors and middle-of-the-pack racers. Most people assume that there is an ideal trim setting for every given sailing situation. This is theoretically true but involves balancing many factors according to conditions and performance goals. Come and learn sail trimming concepts that will allow you to maximize your sailing performance.


  • Overview of objectives and trim fundamentals
  • Sail controls and upwind headsail shaping
  • Mainsail shaping
  • How to adjust for conditions and rig control
  • Where apparent wind comes into play
  • Helm/sail feedback
  • Spinnaker shaping (symmetrical and asymmetrical)
  • Facilitator: Captain Lenny Lipton

    Tuition: $50.00.

    Certification: Upon course completion you will receive a Landfall Navigation Marine Training Center certificate of completion in Sail Trim.

    All Classes are held at our world-class in-house training facility, unless otherwise noted.