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Raymarine LifeTag Man Overboard System

E12185 LifeTag System
E15026 Extra LifeTag

Raymarine LifeTag is a wireless crew monitoring and man-overboard alert system. Utilizing the latest in RF (Radio Frequency) wireless technology, the Raymarine LifeTag base station can monitor up to 16 different Raymarine LifeTags simultaneously. In the event a tagged person falls overboard, the RF link between tag and base is broken, and an onboard audible alarm is sounded. The Raymarine LifeTag system will also activate if a tag moves out-of-range of the base station (typically 35 feet.)
Raymarine LifeTag (.pdf)

Raymarine LifeTag Man Overboard System

Tags within range of the LifeTag base station, exchange status messages to indicate that each crew member is safe, or within range. If a person falls overboard, immersion in saltwater rapidly degrades the signal which is detected by the base, sounding an alarm to alert the crew. Additionally, an alarm is sounded if a crew member moves away from the boat for a distance of 35 feet or more.Raymarine LifeTag Man Overboard System

LifeTag can also be manually activated by pressing and holding the red man overboard (MOB) button for three seconds and then releasing. SeaTalk compatibility enables LifeTag to activate MOB mode exclusively on Raymarine multifunction displays, chartplotters and ST290 instrument systems.


Raymarine LifeTag

Complete SystemComplete SystemE12185
Raymarine LifeTag System Includes:

  • One (1) LifeTag Base Station
    - Handles communication with each LifeTag
    - Outputs for external alarm siren and relay contact
    - SeaTalk
    - 12 volt DC power or can be powered by the SeaTalk network
  • Two (2) personal LifeTags [E15026] with each System
  • One (1) LifeTag Alarm
    - Extra loud alarm sound
    - Simple 2 wire connection to base station

  • Extra TagExtra TagE15026
    Raymarine LifeTag Includes:

    - Supplied strap enables LifeTag to be fitted around the wrist to an article of clothing or to a belt loop
    - LED for status feedback
    - Replaceable CR2 Lithium camera batteries (supplied)
    - Expected battery life is one year (with 2000 operational hours). Tags will power on/off automatically.