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Garmin Quatix GPS
Marine Navigation Watch

Part Number: 010-01040-50
Designed for avid mariners of all types, from dinghy racers and kayakers to big sail and power boaters/fishermen, Garmin's Quatix is a high-sensitivity GPS navigator marine watch. It has a self-adjusting altimeter, barometer and 3-axis electronic compass. It’s waterproof to 50 meters, and it and tells time, too.

It's equipped with "ABC sensors" - altimeter, barometer and compass - and in this case compass means a 3-axis electronic sensor that will supposedly hold onto your wrist's heading no matter how you move it.

advanced sail racing tools Specialized sailing features: Quatix combines advanced sail racing tools for unparalleled awareness and a competitive edge during competition.
  • Virtual Starting Line - Set up a virtual starting line between two marked GPS waypoints, for example between a buoy and the committee boat.
  • Start Countdown Timer - quatix combines the starting line with a built-in countdown timer to calculate both distance to the line as well as desired speed and burn time available, so you can skipper the vessel to cross the line at maximum speed at the exact start time.
  • Tack Assist mode - Once the race has begun, the watch then switches to Tack Assist mode and indicates whether the vessel is getting headed or lifted based on the optimal tack angle provided and makes for a more efficient and controlled sailing experience.

    connect wirelessly to a Garmin autopilotIn conjunction with Garmin's GNT 10, you can connect wirelessly to a Garmin autopilot and not only show you what the autopilot is doing but let you steer the boat from your wrist. Plus if you fall overboard the lost wireless connection will set off an MOB alarm on a Garmin Multi-function display.

  • Quatix is pre-programmed with North American tides
  • up to 16 Quatix watches can pair with a GNT 10 to receive data from the NMEA 2000 accessories that are installed on the boat
  • The following information can be transmitted and displayed via the Quatix watch:
    Garmin Quatix Watch NMEA 2000 Display • AWA (Apparent Wind Angle) - The wind angle measured with respect to the bow of the vessel. • A WIND CHL (Apparent Wind Chill) - The temperature of the wind chill relative to the boat. • AWS (Apparent Wind Speed) - The measured speed of the wind. • CARDWIND (Cardinal Wind Direction) The true wind direction described in cardinal directions. • DEPTH - The depth of the water. • DRIFT - The speed of the current. • GWS (Ground Wind Direction) - The direction of the wind relative to the land, reference from the north. • G WIND CHL (Ground Wind Chill) - The temperature of the wind chill relative to the land. • GWS (Ground Wind Speed) - The speed of the wind relative to the ground. If there are no current and no leeway, the ground wind speed is equivalent to the true wind speed. • OPP TACK (Opposite tack heading) - The opposite tack direction of the vessel based on the current tack direction. • SET - The direction of the current referenced from the north. • STW (Speed Through Water) - The speed of the boat relative to the water. • TWD (True Wind Direction) - The true direction of the wind relative to North. • TWS (True Wind Speed) - The true speed of the wind relative to the vessel. • VMG TO WND (Velocity Made Good to Wind) - The speed at which you are making progress into the wind. • WATER TEMP (Water Temperature) - The temperature of the water.

    The first navigating marine GPS watch: Of course the Garmin watch also features a built-in high-sensitivity GPS to get your location, COG and SOG. You can actually load it with routes, mark waypoints, and it can guide you to your destination and back again. In addition, you can use sight and go navigation. Pick a point in the distance you wish to navigate to, set quatix and it will keep you on course to it. This is especially helpful for kayakers and canoeists. Note though that Quatix battery life goes from six weeks down to 16 hours when you enable the GPS, so be aware!

    In the Box:Garmin Quatix Watch, Dark gray wathcband, Light gray watchband, Torx Screws, Torx tool, USB/Charger cable, AC adapter with plug, & Documentation.


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