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SCS Pactor Radio Modem

The SCS SCS Pactor Radio Modem is truly the best radio modem money can buy. We have sold other modems, but the performance is so inferior that our customers were very dissatisfied with their systems, and they were harder to work and less reliable - not a good combination.

Since the SailMail and all the WinLink2000 stations now use PactorIII (they are still compatible with PactorII), you get the same effective increase on your signal. Signals that cannot be heard by the ear get through. It is the most amazing thing we have seen in over 35 years of transmitting data over radio.

NOTE: The SCS PTCII-usb modem is NOT COMPATIBLE with Windows Vista 64-bit operating system. There are NO DRIVERS available and likely never will be. The operating system of your computer can be found in the system properties under control panel.

Please contact us for alternate solutions if you have Vista 64-bit. This ONLY applies to Vista 64-bit. The PTCII-usb modem is compatible with all other Windows operating systems from Windows 2000 and up. It is YOUR responsibility to determine if you have Vista 64-bit. NO MODEMS WILL BE ACCEPTED FOR RETURN because of incompatibility with Vista 64-bit. You have been warned.

SCS Pactor Radio Modem

DR-7800 Dragon Pactor 4

The P4dragon DR-7800 is a no compromise HF modem that outpaces products 3x the price. The Dragon line of modems are for people serious about their data. You can add Class 1 BlueTooth (BLUE) wireless to this standard (STD) USB model for a wireless connection to your computer.

#EWDR7800 $1,949.00

DR-7400 Dragon Pactor 4

DR-7400 powered by the P4dragon engine . PACTOR 4 installed with full operation of PIII, II, I. Quad core DSP, Transceiver frequency control, VHF/UHF Packet operation (software upgrade required). USB interface standard, Bluetooth optional. 1 year warranty. English manual, cables/connectors and CD-ROM included. You can add Class 1 BlueTooth (BLUE) wireless to this standard (STD) USB model for a wireless connection to your computer.

#EWDR7400 $1,598.00


Pactor III licensed modem with USB connection to computer, Transceiver frequency control, GPS NMEA interface, 2 Mb internal memory, Motorola DSP, TCXO, built-in VHF/UHF packet (excludes multiport capability). You can add BlueTooth (BLUE) wireless to this standard (STD) USB model for a wireless connection to your computer.

#EW98886 $1,248.00

Custom Cables w/ Ferrites

If you check the installation recommendations on the SailMail website, you will see that they recommend installing a device called a Line Isolator on the coax cable and two ferrite beads on the control cable. This is already on your radio if it was purchased from us. If it wasn't purchased from us, it is a 99.99999% chance that they are not installed. You need these to make your system work properly. They greatly reduce the amount of energy that the tuner cables carry from the tuner back up to the radio when transmitting. It is this energy that can drive your computer crazy and make it do strange things. The kit contains everything you need - and no cutting of cables or soldering is required. Please specify make and model.

#STSCF $150.00

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