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Adventure Medical Kits

The extent of the tools and supplies in these medical kits is truly astonishing.

Created by two physicians who are experienced sailors and outdoorsmen, they provide what you need, and plenty of it.

The three larger kits organize supplies and instructions into color-coded, injury-specific compartments, making the appropriate supplies easy to find. The three large kits also come in a foam-padded, floating case with water-resistant zipper and non-slip bottom. All of the instruments and supplies (like EMT shears, blood pressure cuff and stethoscope, Foley catheter, airways, syringes, and much more) are hospital-quality.

Each kit comes with the book written by the two company founders: A Comprehensive Guide to Marine Medicine. All three larger kits shown here are USCG-approved for small commercial passenger vessels and commercial fishing vessels, and also meet ISAF offshore special regulations. We are very impressed with these kits, and recommend them highly.