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NGA Nautical Charts Available Again From Landfall


NGA Charts Available Again From Landfall
OceanGrafix Print on Demand Service Combines Most Up-To-Date Information With Security and Perspective of Paper Charts

Stamford, CT – March 28, 2011

After a nine month hiatus, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) charts are available again at Landfall, the nation’s leading offshore outfitter and safety expert. Using the latest print-on-demand (POD) technology from OceanGrafix, Landfall can once again provide mariners with the latest versions of both NOAA (NOS) and NGA (NIMA/DMA) charts instantly.

“Over the last few years, OceanGrafix has revolutionized the chart industry using POD technology to provide mariners with the most up-to-date charts possible, but until now, they only offered NOAA products,” stated Captain Henry Marx, president and founder of Landfall. “Because of the delay implementing the POD service with NGA charts, for the last year, if you wanted a chart of Bermuda or Gibraltar we had to sell you a British Admiralty chart at more than twice the price. Now that we have NGA charts available again, we can pass the savings to our customers.”

Ron Walz, president of OceanGrafix adds, “We are pleased to bring NGA charts back to the marketplace. Commercial and recreational boaters alike recognize the importance of keeping paper charts onboard, and NGA charts provide them with a cost-effective option for doing so.”

For more than a decade, OceanGrafix has been perfecting print on demand (POD) technology that combines the most up-to-date, accurate information with the security and perspective offered only by paper charts. OceanGrafix NOAA Nautical Charts are updated weekly using the latest NOAA data including the most current Notice to Mariners. OceanGrafix is currently working with NGA to implement a similar update system - but at the present time, only "current editions" of NGA charts will be available. Other NGA publications such as light lists, radio aids and sailing directions are available as always. Landfall also offers litho charts published by the Canadian and British Admiralty as well as an extensive array of digital and printed navigation products from publishers including Maptech, Richardsons, Explorer and Nautical Publications (NV).

Key Features of Print-on-Demand Charts
  • Updated Weekly - Kept up-to-date with critical corrections from Notices to Mariners and other corrections (such as wrecks, rocks, and obstructions) not yet published. (Only available for NOAA charts. NGA charts are uncorrected, current edition).
  • Available Immediately - New editions available 2-8 weeks sooner than traditional litho charts.
  • Enhanced Readability. Printed in brighter colors so that the charts are easier to read. Additionally, you can order charts without the Loran grid for enhanced readability.
  • Durable. Available in two durable versions: water-resistant paper (preferred by most mariners) and laminated.
  • Added Value. Useful navigational information, such as tide tables, bridge clearances, and excerpts from the Coast Pilot, is included in chart margins. The information is specific to both commercial and recreational needs.

  • About Landfall

    Landfall, formerly Landfall Navigation, is the nation’s leading specialist in offshore outfitting, navigation and marine safety. The company’s retail store, website and catalog offer a broad selection of products from leading suppliers including ACR, Life Sling, McMurdo, Mustang, Paines-Wessex, Revere, Switlik, Winslow and Wichard.

    Dinghy Locker @ Landfall, launched in 2008, promotes small boat sailing both in-store and on-site. Dinghy Locker Mobile Support Center attends and sponsors regattas on Long Island Sound and the East Coast. Dinghy Locker represents many top-line manufacturers such as McLaughlin, Laser Performance, Bluemagic, JSails, Harken, Ronstan, Magic Marine, SLAM, Patagonia, Gill, Henri Lloyd and Kokatat as well as genuine OPTIPARTS brand fittings and accessories for the Optimist.

    Through the Marine Training Center (), Landfall offers a comprehensive curriculum of classroom courses for recreational and professional mariners on topics of boating and seamanship.

    For more information or to start shopping visit Landfallnav.com, DinghyLocker@Landfall.com or call 1-800- 941-2219

    About OceanGrafix

    St. Paul, Minnesota-based OceanGrafix () is the first and only company to offer NOAA print-on-demand nautical charts for recreational and commercial boaters. Working in partnership with NOAA, the company ensures distribution of the most accurate, up-to-date NOAA paper charts.