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Icom IC-M604
VHF Marine Radio

M604A/M604 31 (formerly M604 21)
The new M 604 has a built-in 30 watt hailer and 4 channel foghorn along with plug and play speaker mic jacks and the plug and play option to connect up to 2 more full remote control mics. The large backlit LCD screen with multiple lighting levels is quite the information station allowing you to see course and speed data, and position, date and time (*3rd party GPS required) clearly. A backlit, full-function keypad gives quick access to all radio features, and offers fast access to any channel.

A new feature on the speakermic is Favorite Channel allowing you to access your most used channels faster! Large knobs allow for better control while under way, especially in rough seas. Generously sized, backlit buttons keep operation simple and clear all the time. Class D DSC means the M604 has a second, independent receiver that continually monitors CH70. Use DSC to get position reports, make group calls, etc.

Submersible. Available in Black or Gray.

No longer available

Replaced by the Icom IC-M506 VHF w/ AIS.

Icom HM-157 Remote Control MicrophoneIcom HM-157 Remote Control MicrophoneHM157B/HM-157B/HM157W/HM-157W
The optional COMMANDMIC II makes it convenient for using your Icom VHF from a separate cabin or tower. It allows you to control most functions (except DSC operation) of your Icom VHF, including remote power ON/OFF, PA and RX speaker functions. 6.1m (20ft) of cable | Mounting base for cable connector | Microphone hanger

This waterproof remote microphone ONLY operates with the IC-M504 & IC-M604.

Available in Black or Super White.

Icom HM-157 Remote Control Microphone
#EICMHM157 List Price $175.00Only $109.00

Icom IC-HM162 Command Mic III Remote Control MicrophoneIcom IC-HM162 Command Mic III Remote Control MicrophoneHM162B/HM-162B/HM162W/HM-162W
The optional fully integrated COMMANDMICIII. Full control 2nd station capability. The IC-HM162 is a remote control for the IC-M504 that may be positioned up to 18.3m (60ft) away from the IC-M504. All M504 functions, including distress call, DSC, and foghorn, are available. The COMMANDMICIII may also be used as an intercom with the IC-M504. Multi function "Jog" dial Other features * Full dot-matrix LCD with 7-step dimmer setting * 2.8W (typical) external speaker terminal * Submersible PLUS (1.5m depth for 30 minutes)* Extra large 45mm (d) speaker for superior audio

This waterproof remote microphone ONLY operates with the IC-M504 or IC-M604.

Avaiable in Super White only (Black is sold out).