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Icom IC-M602
VHF Marine Radio

The Icom IC-M 602, with its standard 4" tall front panel, will easily blend into your cabin console or dashboard. The generous front panel provides large function switches and a wide LCD with the largest channel numbers available in any marine VHF. With full dot matrix characters and seven backlighting levels, all information can be easily read under any lighting condition. Add up to 2 optional HM-127 Commandmic remote control microphones and you'll have 3 station / intercom points onboard! There is nothing else on today's market that compares with the IC-M602's combination of features, convenient 4" tall panel, easy installation, powerful built-in hailer, and up to three radio stations and intercom points!

  • Size: 2 11/32(W) x 4 25/32(H) x 1 3/16(D) inches
  • Weight (approx.): 160 g ; 5.64 oz
  • Built-in LCD
  • Submersible to JIS-7 specifications
  • Near flush mount remote connection point

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    Replaced by the IC-M604. Check it out!

    Icom HM-157 Remote Control MicrophoneIcom HM-157 Remote Control MicrophoneHM157B/HM-157B/HM157W/HM-157W
    The optional COMMANDMIC II makes it convenient for using your Icom VHF from a separate cabin or tower. It allows you to control most functions (except DSC operation) of your Icom VHF, including remote power ON/OFF, PA and RX speaker functions. 6.1m (20ft) of cable | Mounting base for cable connector | Microphone hanger

    This waterproof remote microphone ONLY operates with the IC-M504 & IC-M604.

    Available in Black or Super White.

    Icom HM-157 Remote Control Microphone
    #EICMHM157 List Price $175.00Only $109.00

    HM-127 Command MicHM-127 Command MicThis waterproof remote microphone ONLY operates with the IC-M502, IC-M602 & IC-M402. It controls all functions of the radio (except DSC) and includes a 6 meter cable and hanging clip.
    No longer available.

    Replaced by the HM-157.

    Icom MB-75 Flush Mount KitIcom MB-75 Flush Mount KitFor flush mounting to a flat surface such as a control panel.

    Icom MB-75 Flush Mount Kit
    #EIMB75 List Price $35.00Only $31.00