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Coastal Navigation with GPS

Course Length: Two Nights 4 hours each

Course Overview:
Can you navigate home successfully when your chartplotter and GPS fail at the most inopportune moment? Learn essential, paper and pencil navigation techniques plus electronic navigation and how to integrate both for ease, safe and successful near-coastal passage making.

Coastal Navigation is designed to acquaint you with all the tools, publications and skills required for successful coastal navigation, both with and without electronic aids. It consists of classroom work focusing on the theory, practice, and procedures of navigation and piloting.

With short theoretical overview of how GPS works, the course also spends time practicing hands-on navigational exercises to develop your skills with GPS functions and capabilities. You can expect to learn all the features of your GPS and its on-the-water applications. Come away with increased facility to use your own GPS in the classroom and subsequently under pressure at sea.

GPS Topics:
  • GPS overview
  • Creating, installing and storing waypoints
  • Navigating to a waypoint
  • Creating and storing routes
  • Using GPS tracking
  • Setting waypoint alerts
  • Anchoring alerts
  • Tailored settings for your particular boating needs
  • GPS chart-plotting latitude and longitude

  • Navigation Topics:
  • Compass: variation, deviation, compass error
  • Plotting and course determination
  • Dead reckoning
  • Calculating distance, speed and time
  • Determining position using 3 bearing fix
  • Establishing a running fix
  • Practical use of navigational publication

  • Notes: In addition to the provided materials you must have or acquire the following tools and items: (click for link)

    MTC Nav Tool Kit
    Landfall Navigation

    Marine Training Center
    Navigation Tool Kit
  • Parellel Plotter [#NP120]
  • Dividers (one or two-handed version 7 recommended) [#NP170]
  • Pencils (mechanical w/0.5 or 0.7 mm leads are recommended) [#NP1141]
  • Erasers (soft eraser)
  • Calculator (battery or solar)

  • All of these items are available for purchase at Landfall Navigation. Please call in advance of the course to purchase for shipping to you or to have us set aside the equipment the equipment for you to pick up on Day 1 of the course.

    Facilitator: TBD

    Tuition: $199.00

    All Classes are held at our world-class in-house training facility, unless otherwise noted.

    All Classes are held at our world-class in-house training facility, unless otherwise noted.