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Carbon Monoxide Detector

Model CMD-1MR-9V
The Fireboy - Xintex CMD1MR-9V is a 9V battery powered carbon monoxide detector, ideal for boats requiring additional CO alarm protection and for any boat without a CO alarm.

Carbon monoxide is generated wherever carbon based fuels burn. In the marine environment, some of the major causes are gasoline and diesel engines, generators, and cooking stoves. It is invisible, odorless, tasteless, and deadly. Faulty venting, wind shifts, or CO from adjacent boats may create a dangerous situation, especially in confined areas such as boat cabins.

The UL Marine mark appears on products which have been evaluated specifically for marine use. Products bearing this Mark have been evaluated to UL's published Marine Safety Standards and other applicable standards and codes. These requirements address hazards that can occur as a result of exposure to harsh marine environments such as vibration, shock (impact), ignition protection, water ingress and salt spray corrosion common on pleasure craft and boats.Fireboy-Xintex CMD-1MR9V features:
  • Solid-state Infrared (SIR) sensor technology assures reliable protection
  • Patented biomimetic sensor mimics the human response to carbon monoxide (CO)
  • Time Weighted Average sensor technology is used to eliminate false alarms
  • Test / Reset feature provides for one-time silence; also tests alarm circuitry, microprocessor, battery, and 85 dB horn
  • Alarms when 10% COHb is reached
  • 85 dB alarm designed to alert boat inhabitants
  • 9V battery operated (battery included)
  • Extremely low battery consumption only .016 mA.
  • Low-battery signal alerts need of battery replacement

  • Install one unit in sleeping areas, galley, and confined spaces for adequate protection. Convenient ceiling or wall mountable. Dimensions: 4.75 Diameter x 1.5 Depth. 1-year limited warranty.

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