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ACR HemiLight2 Survivor Light
Automatic Strobe

Product: 3768 (HL8-10 / MI5732)
The choice of cruise lines worldwide, the ACR Auto Hemi Light 2 attaches to almost any style life jacket. It is smaller than other approved lights and features rounded edges to maintain inflation bladder integrity inflatable jackets.
ACR HemiLight2 Survivor Light Specs (.pdf)

The all new LED light activates when in contact with salt or fresh water and can be deactivated by sliding the switch to the off position.

Installation is quick and simple with the all new Dragon Clip which provides secure retrofit attachment to almost any style life jacket in a matter of seconds.

Installation of Optional Water-activated Light
1. An ACR water-activated Hemilight (#7928302) can
be snapped to the strap by the D-Ring as marked.
Make sure the light is facing out, not in. Water-activated LED flashing survival light with manual deactivation switch
Meets USCG (161.112/68/0 & 161.012/69/0) and SOLAS IMO (T.C.153.080.) requirements
Attachment loops accommodate up to 5 cm (2 in) wide webbing
Rounded edges to maintain integrity of inflatable life jackets
Smaller than other approved lights
Highly visible flashing LED light
Marine tough design for years of useful service

Product Number: 3768 bulk 3768.1 carded Model Number: HL8-10 Size: 2.75 L x 1.47 W x 1.37 H inches (6.9 x 3.7 x 3.5 cm) Weight: 1.9 oz (55g) Battery: Non-hazardous lithium. 5 yr life (not replaceable) Meets DOT and IATA rules for safe transport Material: Polycarbonate Activation: Automatic when in contact with water (fresh or salt), deactivate via manual switch Waterproof: Water tight to 30 ft ( 9.14 m) Meets IMO standard Beam Angle: All directions of the upper hemisphere Operational Life: Exceeds 8 hr. requirement Typical operational life of 16 hrs Operating Temp: +30 F to +86 F ( -1 C to 30 C) Stowage Type: -22F to + 149F (-30C to +65C) Approvals: USCG SOLAS, Transport Canada Approved: MED SOLAS Limited Warranty: 1 year

No longer available, replace by the ACR HemiLight 3

ACR HemiLight 2