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Davis Instruments

The Davis Mark 15 durable plastic sextant has a traditional split mirror and is lightweight so you can take your time making a sight. Precision machined with special worm gear mechanisms for accuracy, the three power telescope has anti-reflective coated glass lenses plus a hood sight tube and shades. Includes a shock resistant carrying case.
Davis Master Sextant Mark 15 Instructions (.pdf)

This model has many great features including seven large sunshades, a 3 mm x 27 mm star scope, and easy-to-read micrometer drum vernier scale that reads to 2/10 of a minute. The Mark 15 has a 7" (18 cm) frame radius graduated from 120 degrees to -5 degrees and comes with a traditional half-silvered mirror. Comes with instruction booklet.

Davis Master Sextant Mark 15
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