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Northstar 951X
GPS Chartplotter

The Northstar 951X is a vector chart plotter, and, like the Northstar 962X, it's the best of its kind. Instead of the scanned NOAA chart CDs that the 962X uses, the 951X uses Navionics Nav-Chart Cartridges for seamless, highly detailed charts. Northstar's own navigation software gives you intuitive point-and-shoot convenience, complete with tidal data: just point to any spot on the chart and get a 24-hour display of high and low tides. Interfaces with Loran-C, and can generate "phantom" Loran TDs from your GPS. Charts are easily updatable, and you can mark your own locations and symbols on the charts. The 951X is completely waterproof and sunlight-readable. Interfaces with all sorts of navigation and control devices. Slim, mounts anywhere (flush-mounted or yoke), large 5+" screen.

If you're considering a top-notch vector chart plotter with a full set of bells and whistles, here it is. It's the best plotter we've ever seen for this price range.

Northstar 951X GPS Chartplotter

951XW: Same as the above 951X, Plus an internal WAAS receiver, 12 channel GPS receiver w/ 2 channels dedicated for WAAS corrections.

951XD Dual: Same as the above 951X, Plus a separate 2 Channel Differential Beacon Receiver (DGPS) antenna to provide upto 3 meter accuracy! Includes coupler w/ 25' of cable.

951XDW: Combines the above 951XW and the 951XD.


w/ Combo Antenna
951XD Combo: Same as the 951XD, Plus a combination GPS/DGPS antenna.

Instructional Video
A vital accessory to your fixed mount Northstar 951 unit this instructional video guide is by far the best way to quickly familarize you with your unit's features keys and screens. No more searching through the manuels which are sometimes poorly written or not written for the average user. This video shows exactly which buttons to push and you'll see your Northstar 951 being used and operated in real-life outdoor situations. Get yourself started and discover just how easy and fun satellite navigation can be. Run time 30+ minutes.