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Radar & Electronics Course

Radar & Electronics Course

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Radar & Electronics Course




Course Overview:
Intended for boat owners who are upgrading, those who are new to boating, owners (or their partner) who would like to have some idea what all those buttons and switches actually do and how can they integrate and h

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What will you learn in the about Radar?
This course provides participants with both an operational understanding and the ability to interpret RADAR found on recreational vessels. Participants are first grounded in the theoretical understanding of how RADAR works and are then encouraged to practice each technique in simulated coastal and inland waters on our real time RADAR simulator. Upon completion of this course you can expect to possess the skills necessary to operate and interpret radar for safe navigation and collision avoidance.

Feel free to bring questions, handbooks or the gadgets themselves.


  1. Radar collision avoidance plotting
  2. Determining the course and speed of an approaching vessel
  3. Estimating the time and distance a vessel will pass
  4. The appropriate action to take according to the Rules of The Road
  5. Radar regulations and the legal aspect of Radar

Practical exercises on the simulator include:

  1. Interpretation of display, and limitations
  2. A variety of real-world situations encountered in Long Island Sound and elsewhere
  3. River navigation and collision avoidance on rivers
  4. Collision avoidance including target vessel course/speed change
  5. Effect of own-ship course/speed change

The Electronics Portion of the Course will address the following:

  1. AIS Class A Vs. Class B: Expectations Vs. Reality
  2. HDG: The Importance of stable Heading Data for Multiple Devices
  3. Apps: The best of what is out there for Navigation and Utilization
  4. Radar Integration with other electronics
  5. What’s new in electronics


Upon course completion you will receive a Landfall Navigation Marine Training Center certificate of completion in Marine Electronics & Radar

Handouts and trouble-shooting guides will be provided in class.

Capt. Eric Knott
Associate Fellow of the Royal Institute of Navigation
Member of the Nautical Institute
A commercial fisherman, going to sea with his father in 1973 he was awarded his Master’s Certificate of Competence in 1984 and sailed in that position out of northern European ports until 1994 when he joined a nautical training school as senior instructor operating 12 sea-going training vessels working throughout Europe and into the Mediterranean.
During this time, he also undertook consulting for law firms, police departments and insurance companies, investigating maritime accidents in Europe and the US. He has presented evidence to various courts, hearings and tribunals more than 200 times over his career.

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