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Zhik Z-Skin Top

Zhik Zskin is one of the most lightweight and flexible neoprene products available in the sailing world. The tops are designed for moderate to cold temperatures and help to block wind and cold while still being flexible and easy to move around in. For even lighterweight check out the "hybrid version which offers the same great neoprene in the core with lycra spandex arms!!!

Zhik Z-Skin Top
#MZTOP-700 $239.00

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ZSkin® tops are built with the lightest, stretchiest and thinnest neoprene available. Cut wind chill, and maintain insulation without overheating. Experience the unique temperature regulation only possible through this ultra-thin construction. ZSkin® adds a second skin with superior water shedding ability to cut more wind chill. For high upper body workloads and warmer conditions, choose the ZSkin® Hybrid top, which provides targeted warmth on the chest and back panels and combines this with mesh and spandex panels in the arms and side.
  • 0.3mm super thin neoprene
  • Water shedding skin
  • Temperature regulating
  • Lightweight & flexible
  • Hydrophobic skin
  • Super stretchy
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