Zhik Footwear

  • Zhik ZK Sea Boot 800

    Zhik ZK Sea Boot 800

    The ZK Seabootâ„¢ was developed for extreme weather protection in the most demanding conditions. The completely sealed neoprene and rubber upper provides 100% waterproof protection and the ZK soleâ„¢ provides superior grip in both wet and dry conditions.
    Code: MZB-800
  • Zhik ZK Sea Boot 700

    Zhik ZK Sea Boot 700

    Now $186.75
    Code: MZBOOT700
  • Zhik ZKG Shoe

    Zhik ZKG Shoe

    An amphibious shoe with high grip that can be worn in any marine activity or on the street. Made from perforated neoprene for great drainage, and super flexibility.
    Code: MZSHOE-20