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Tested and proven, Zhik gear is the clear winning choice of Olympic and World champions world wide. Fast wetgear products including the revolutionary T2 harness for trapeze sailors, PowerPads for hiking sailors, SuperWarm, MicroFleece, Hybrid gear and high tech footwear. For keel and sports boat sailing, join the growing league of Americas cup sailors now embracing Isotak, with its brilliantly waterproof/breathable durability.

Zhik Foul Weather Gear
Zhik Foul Weather Gear

Zhik Isotak Ocean Collection
Zhik Isotak Offshore Collection
Zhik Aroshell Coastal Collection
Zhik Aroshell Inshore Collection
Zhik Technical Layers and Rash Guards
Zhik Technical Layers and Rash Guards

Zhik Base Layer
Zhik Hydrophobic Fleece Collection
Zhik Orspan Collection
Zhik Hybrid Collection
Zhik Spandex Collection
Zhik ZhikDRY Collection
Zhik Shorts and Pants
Zhik Deck Beaters
Zhik Neoprene Layers
Zhik Neoprene Layers

Zhik Z-Skin Collection
Zhik Titanium Tops
Zhik Microfleece Collection
Zhik Super Warm Collection
Zhik Footwear
Zhik Footwear

Zhik Sea Boot
Zhik Neoprene Sailing Boots
Zhik ZKG Shoes
Zhik Hiking, Trapeze and Safety Gear
Zhik Hiking, Trapeze and Safety Gear

Zhik Powerpads II Hiking Pads
Zhik Microfleece Men's 3/4 Hikers
Zhik Microfleece Junior 3/4 Hikers
Zhik Grip II Hiking Straps
Zhik T2 Trapeze Harness
Zhik PFD
Zhik Accessories
Zhik Accessories

Zhik Gloves
Zhik Storm Pack
Zhik Backpack
Zhik Regatta Bag
Zhik Isotak Cap
Zhik Sailing Caps
Zhik Trucker Cap: Original
Zhik Trucker Cap: New Style
Zhik Sailing Visor
Zhik Wide Brimmed Hat
Zhik Sailing Beanie

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