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Women on Board Cruising

25 Women Long-Distance Cruisers

by Lisa Targal Favors

Twenty-five seasoned women boaters including editor, and long-distance cruiser, Lisa Targal Favors of Traverse City, Michigan are sharing the trials and tribulations of life aboard in the newly released book, Women On Board Cruising. Conceptualized, edited and published by Ms. Favors, the book is designed to inspire and inform women and their significant others who are planning on or just considering spending an extended period of time on the water.

The contributors humorously recount their very personal experiences and openly share life lessons learned about this little-known lifestyle. Several women tell their story with a rare, revealing vulnerability. Not all initially welcomed the thought of life within the confines of a boat but were cajoled by partners who had a greater desire and competence for this type of adventure. From doing the Loop (a boat trip circumnavigating the Eastern United States from the heartland rivers to the North Atlantic seaboard and Great Lakes) to sailing around the world, their stories are sure to warm the hearts of male and female readers alike.

The entertaining stories shared within this book would be of great interest to anyone who has ever considered a radical lifestyle change whether it s on a boat, RV or other means of transportation. These women are actually living many people s dreams breaking away from a well worn mold, they moved out of their comfortable homes and struck off for parts unknown enjoying all the surprises a long-distance adventure provides along the way. Surprisingly, it s not only women curious about this unique lifestyle, but interestingly enough, 3/4 of the people who signed up to be notified of the book s release were MEN, many are giving the book to their wives or partners in hopes of getting them on board with them to share an adventure of a lifetime. Softcover. 251 pgs. Pub 2010.

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