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WM-300 WindMate Meter

P/N 27018 WM300
The first wind meter with a humidity sensor that never needs calibration, the extensive features of this unit make it the first choice for outdoor professionals as well as fire and industrial management. It is equipped with a backlight and measures wind direction and cross, head/tail wind. The wind vane and jackknife case assure accuracy. Powered by a 400-Hr replaceable lithium battery, WindMates are accurate to within 3%. Each unit is water resistant, has a tripod fitting and auto shutoff feature, plus a 2-yr warranty!

In addition to wind speed and digital wind direction, relative humidity, dewpoint, wet bulb & Delta T make this a comprehensive tool for forestry, agriculture and emergency management professionals. Humidity sensor does NOT require adjustment; it is self-calibrating.

Accuweather patented Comfort Index gives the effect of temp, relative humidity, wind speed, & sun intensity on the human body. Jackknife case allows the most accurate measurements. Unit can be tripod mounted.

Features: All wind functions in user selected units *Digital wind direction in degrees & compass points *Cross & head/tail wind readings *Relative humidity *Wet bulb * Dewpoint *Delta T *Accuweather patented Comfort Index *Temperature *Windchill * Backlight *Water resistant * Tripod fitting *Reads in tenths.

Specifications: Wind speed accuracy +/- 3% from .8-89Mph * Wind speed range to 135Mph * Digital compass/wind direction accuracy +/- 2 * Temp/Windchill accuracy +/- 1.8F * Relative humidity, Wet bulb, Dewpoint, Delta T accuracy +/- 3% * Optional Units: Mph,km/h,ft/min,m/x,BF (Beaufort) * F or C * Avg wind speed over 10 secs * Max wind speed 2 sec gust since power on * Auto shutdown * POWER: CR2032 (400-Hr) replaceable Lithium battery (included) * Measures: 5.5 x 1.75 x .75 closed * Weighs 3.2 oz with battery * Comes with breakaway lanyard * 2-yr warranty.

Speedtech WM-300 WindMate Meter
#EWM300 List Price $169.99Only $135.95

Carry-Along Case Carry-Along Case
P/N 27071 (Speedtech Part No. AP-22)
Optional Carry-Along Case (windmeter not included)
fits the SkyMaster and the WindMate meters.

Manufacturers' Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Shown

Carry-Along Case
#ESAP22 List Price $22.00Only $19.00