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WindMate WM-200
Wind Meter

P/N 27017 WM200
The first wind meter with a wind vane, digital wind direction and cross wind & head/tail wind readings, it is also equipped with a backlight. The wind vane and jackknife case assure accuracy. Powered by a 400-Hr replaceable lithium battery, WindMates are accurate to within 3%. Each unit is water resistant, has a tripod fitting and auto shutoff feature. Windmates come with a 2-yr warranty!

Features: Digital wind direction with wind vane, cross wind, head/tail wind readings in degrees or compass points. Jackknife case allows the most accurate measurements.

All wind functions in user selected units * Digital wind direction in degrees & compass points * Cross & head/tail wind readings * Temperature * Windchill * Reads in tenths * Backlight * Tripod fitting * Water resistant

Specifications: Windspeed accuracy +/- 3% from .8-89Mph * Wind speed range to 135Mph * Digital compass/wind direction accuracy +/- 2 * Temp/Windchill accuracy +/- 1.8 F * Optional Units: Mph, km/h, kt, ft/min, m/s, BF (Beaufort) * F or C * Avg windspeed over 10 secs * Max windspeed 2 sec gust since power on * Auto shutdown* POWER: CR2032 replaceable Lithium battery (included) * Measures: 5.5 x 1.75 x .75 closed * Weighs 3.2oz with battery. 2-yr warranty.

Speedtech WindMate Wind Meter
#EWM200 List Price $129.99Only $103.95

Carry-Along Case Carry-Along Case
P/N 27071 (Speedtech Part No. AP-22)
Optional Carry-Along Case (windmeter not included)
fits the SkyMaster and the WindMate meters.

Manufacturers' Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Shown

Carry-Along Case
#ESAP22 List Price $22.00Only $19.00