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The Water & Ice Rescue Tool

An new effective life-saving tool for both the victim and rescue personnel in a water and ice incidents. An impressive improvement on the inflated hose rescue technique, this tool allows for rapid deployment with minimum standard equipment and limited manpower.

Deployment The WiRT uses conventional 2½" fire hose as the primary component. One end of the unrolled hose is capped with the WiRT End Cap. The WiRT Control Fins opened through two quick release latches and the hose is fitted into place near the End Cap. The WiRT Steering Cap is fitted to the rescuer end of the hose. Attach the SCBA bottle to the WiRT Steering Cap and inflate the hose to 250 PSI. Deployment time- 60 secs.

WiRT for Water and Ice Rescue includes WiRT End Cap, WiRT Control Fins, and WiRT Steering Cap

WiRT Water Ice Rescue Tool
#sWiRT $985.00