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Speetech WindMate 350

P/N 27019 WM350 (Speedtech Part No. WM-350)
This is a prize-winning, comprehensive weather monitor, which gives full environmental data specific to your location and includes a 48-hr history for every function, hour-by-hour and in a bar graph. The USA fluxgate compass reads when held vertically, gives wind direction in degrees and compass points; it calculates crosswind & head/tail wind. The compass can be calibrated for variation/declination and deviation. In addition to wind speed/direction, temperature, barometric pressure, altitude, and humidity, the unit includes wind chill, Wet Bulb, Dew Point, Delta T & Density Altitude. WM-350 gives an accurate weather forecast and an audio storm alarm alerts you to weather changes, even if the unit is off.

The instrument has Speedtech's exclusive Accuweather.com, patented Comfort Index, which is the effect of temperature, relative humidity, wind speed & sun intensity on the human body. The formula can be adjusted based on sun intensity and is superior to Heat Index. The case is water resistant, shockproof, & the jackknife design allows for the most accurate measurements, as your hands heat and moisture do not interfere with any sensors. WM-350 can be tripod-mounted and accommodates the Model SM-WT wind tunnel accessory for very precise measurements. All WindMates meet NIST calibration standards and wind speed accuracy tested better than +/- 3%. 2-Year Warranty.

·Time * Date ·48-Hr history for all functions ·Swiss-made impeller components * Current, Avg, Max wind speed ·USA-made fluxgate compass * Use as bearing compass ·Digital wind direction * crosswind * head/tail wind calculations ·Lifetime calibrated Swiss-made Humidity sensor ·Temperature * Wind chill * Wet Bulb * Dew point * Delta T ·Swiss-made Barometer sensor * Weather forecast * Audio storm alarm ·Altimeter to 29,000 Ft * Density altitude ·Exclusive Accuweather patented Comfort Index ·Auto Shutoff can be disabled ·Threaded for tripod mounting * EL Backlight * Water/Shock resistant

ACCURACY: Wind +/- 3% when aligned with winds axis Compass +/- 2 Temp/Wind chill +/- 2° Relative Humidity +/- 3% Wet bulb/Dew point +/- 3.6° Barometer +/- .05 inHg Altimeter +/- 50 Ft Density Altitude +/- 246 Ft

RANGE: Wind .8-89 MPH * Temp -20° to 158° F * Windchill -50° to +50° F Compass 0° to 360° Relative humidity 5% to 95% * Wet bulb 32° to 100° F * Dew point -20° to 158° F Barometer 8.86 to 32.48 inHg Altimeter 6000 to 29,000 Ft Density altitude -49 to 257 Ft

RESPONSE TIMES: Current & maximum wind 1-sec Avg wind over 10-secs Temp 1-minute * Windchill 1-sec Wind direction & compass 1-sec Cross/head/tail wind 5-sec Relative humidity, wet bulb, Delta T, dew point 1-minute Barometer 2-sec Altimeter 1-sec

OPTIONAL UNITS: Knots, MPH, KPH, FPM, M/Sec, Beaufort InHg or hPa ° F or ° C Ft or Meters

POWER: CR 2032 Lithium battery (included)

MEASURES: 5.5 x 1.75 x .75 (closed) * 9 x 1.75 x .75 (open)

WEIGHS: 3.6 oz (with battery)

The jackknife case keeps your hand distant from sensors, providing very accurate readings. Powered by one 400-hour lithium battery (included). Just 5 1/2" long, and weighs just over 3 ounces. Two-year warranty.

Speedtech Wind Mate 350
#EWM35 List Price $249.99Only $199.95

Carry-Along Case Carry-Along Case
P/N 27071 (Speedtech Part No. AP-22)
Optional Carry-Along Case (windmeter not included)
fits the SkyMaster and the WindMate meters.

Manufacturers' Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Shown

Carry-Along Case
#ESAP22 List Price $22.00Only $19.00