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Wichard Gyb'Easy
Boom Brake

Even for experienced sailors, gybing remains one of the most challenging maneuvers and can possibly generate injuries and boat damage. An efficient and safe solutions is the Gyb'Easy.

Due to friction of the line passing over the boom brake, the boom is allowed to gybe smoothly. With Gyb'Easy, gybe operations are safer, potential accidents reduced, and without jerks!

Three adjustment settings exist for perfect adaptation to mainsail and wind conditions. the more the line passes over the openings, the more the friction is increased efficiently causing the brake to work.

Installation only takes a few minutes: a shackle is attached onto one of the boom eye straps. In order to fit with all deck configurations, two different fittings can be implemented. Gyb'Easy can be installed on modern boats or classics.

  • For use on mainsail areas less than 550 sq feet
  • Made of forged anodized aluminum
  • 21 oz
  • Gyb' Flex line included

  • Wichard Gyb'Easy Boom Brake
    #SW7150 $210.00

    Wichard Gyb'Flex Line/Rope
    Wichard Gyb'Flex Line/Rope

    Wichard Gyb'flex specific line for use with Wichard Gyb'easy boom brake.

    16 meters (52.5 feet) of line.