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Wet Wear

Reimagine what the great outdoors can be in top-rated wet wear and rash guards designed for high-activity water sports in cold or warm water environments. We have rash guards for boardsports, dinghy sailing, racing and more by favored performance wear brands like Zhik, Gill and Magic Marine to ensure that you get the right wet wear for your specific environment and needs. Landfall® carries lycra rash guards, hydrophobic fleece, waterproof wet wear as well as lightweight, medium-weight and heavy-weight neoprene gear for comfortable, protective wear.

If you're looking for an adaptable and lightweight yet warm base/mid-layer, you'll love hydrophobic fleece base layers - including hydrophobic fleece shirts and hydrophobic fleece pants - that feature a super warm microfleece inner layer plus a hydrophobic, moisture wicking outer layer to trap heat and deter moisture. Neoprene body suits, tops and bottoms are made with 1.5-millimeter to 3-millimeter thick neoprene to provide exceptional warmth and comfort in any outdoor environment., stretchy waterproof wet wear provides optimal flexibility for high-activity water sports.