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Weems & Plath Seiko Marine Chronometer Special Order Only

Using high-precision quartz crystal oscillator (TCXO), QM-ll is specially designed to maintain high accuracy constantly even under harsh environmental conditions. In addition to the high accuracy and excellent durability, the Chronometer is equipped with water resistance equivalent to IPX3 (JIS 3rd class), thus being highly suitable for use on board a ship. Furthermore, it is housed in a gorgeous wooden frame case, which makes it fit nicely in any type of rooms as a charming piece of furniture. Besides being a marine chronometer, QM-ll can serve as a clock that provides the standard time at various places where highly accurate time indication is required.

#LWPQM-11 List Price $2,867.99Only $2,449.99

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UPC/EAN: 721002910615
Weems & Plath Item #: QM-11