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Weems & Plath Navigation Tools

  • Weems & Plath  Chart Protractor

    Weems & Plath Chart Protractor

    Updated version of Brenton/Portland plotter. Movable compass rose.
    Now $19.99
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  • Weems & Plath  Star Finder 2102-D

    Weems & Plath Star Finder 2102-D

    The Star Finder 2102-D is an invaluable tool for celestial navigators to plan star and planet sights. It can also be used by amateur star gazers for general star identification.
    Now $47.99
    Code: NWP150-2nd
  • Weems & Plath  Light Pen

    Weems & Plath Light Pen

    Green LED light. Medium ball point. Black ink. Rotary switch.
    Now $5.49
    Code: NWP1121-remove