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Weems & Plath 7x50 Explorer Binocular w/ Compass

An excellent value and popular choice for all, the Weems Explorer 7x50 binoculars float, are waterproof and have the added feature of an illuminated compass and range finder reticle. The built-in magnetic compass appears superimposed near the image seen through the lens, allowing the user to take compass bearings of an object. The built-in rage-finding reticle allows the user to calculate the distance from an object of a known height.  The ability to take accurate compass readings on the water makes these lightweight binoculars perfectly suited for safe navigation while racing or coastal cruising.

#NWPBN20C List Price $299.99Only $249.99

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UPC/EAN: 721002910646
Weems & Plath Item #: BN20C