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Weems & Plath Endurance II 135 24 Hour Radio Room Clock

Light, strong and durable, the brass Endurance II 135 24 Hour Radio Room Clock combines two clocks in one instrument. This innovative clock incorporates the dial of a radio room clock with that of 24-hour military time. This brass porthole style clock displays two 3-minute fan lines in red and two in green. These colored markings traditionally represented designated silence periods when only emergency radio messages were to be transmitted and received. The 24 hour clock display divides the day into 24 hour increments, indicating the hours from 0(midnight) to 23. This method of time-keeping is often referred to as military time. This generous size clock features a traditional front opening bezel and an accurate quartz movement. Constructed with a high luster, maintenance-free brass finish, this unique clock is weather resistant and guaranteed to never tarnish.

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