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Weems & Plath DHR Electric Side Light, Red, 4 Glass

This Dutch-made electric port side light is an elegant way to keep your vessel safe and compliant with maritime laws. The solid brass fixture is polished and lacquer finished to ensure a long lasting shine. It is fitted with a red lens that designates port (left) side, and it can stand alone or hang. A starboard (right) side light is also available (#8311G/E). The manufacturer of this lamp, Den Haan Rotterdam, was founded in Rotterdam, Holland, in 1922. It began as a manufacturer of navigation and interior lighting for inland and seagoing vessels. All lamps, many of them replicas of old models, are handmade to commercial ship standards.

#LWP8311R-E List Price $329.99Only $267.99

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UPC/EAN: 8715221004653
Weems & Plath Item #: 8311R/E