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New Formats For 2015
Coastal Weather and Sea State Seminar

Introductory Course: One Day 3 hours

Full In-Depth Course: One Day 8 hours

Course Overview: An introduction to the factors governing the weather, currents, and surface waves in coastal waters extending seaward from the bays and estuaries to the edge of the continental shelf. Particular emphasis will be placed on smaller area, transient, weather phenomena such as sea breeze, thunderstorms and squall lines, the associated forecast methods, and the relationships between these systems and the larger, generally slower moving, atmospheric high and low pressure systems.
The influence of the generated winds on the movement of coastal waters including consideration of the relative importance of tides and tidal currents and the generation of surface wind waves will provide a basis for the evaluation of wave/current interactions and the resulting sea state conditions as they affect small boat navigation.

For each subject area lectures introducing the topic will be supplemented by hands-on exercises and selected read-ahead materials allowing students to become familiar with the primary source materials used by professional navigators and routing software.

All Classes are held at our world-class in-house training facility, unless otherwise noted.

Facilitator: W. Frank Bohlen, Prof. Emeritus, Dept. of Marine Sciences, University of Connecticut

$100.00 (Introductory Course Format) $150.00 (In-Depth Course Format)