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Raster and Vector Charts
for United States Waters

by Mark and Diana Doyle

Whether you already own navigation software and only need updated charts and reference materials, or you are a newbie who wants free or trial software and charts to test the e-charting waters, this 2-DVD set makes you good to go!

U.S. Raster and Vector Charts — Charts are cataloged and organized into popular cruising geographies. Chart files are standard BSB (raster) and S-57 (vector) charts provided by NOAA and the U.S. Army Corps and display in all computer-based navigation packages that support these formats.

Nautical Reference Library — Includes just under $3000 and almost two gigabytes of government publications, reference texts, and nautical calculators in searchable Adobe Acrobat PDF or HTML web browser format.

Free and Trial Software — Contains free and trial software applications for both PC and Macintosh operating systems.

• All available NOAA Raster Navigational Charts (RNCs), organized by region: New England (214 Charts), New York, New Jersey, New York Canals, and Great Lakes (697 Charts), Chesapeake & Delaware Bays (138 Charts), Intracoastal Waterway (ICW)(199 Charts), Florida Keys (78 Charts), Gulf of Mexico (220 Charts), Alaska (392 Charts), West Coast (293 Charts), Pacific & Caribbean Islands (U.S. Possessions)(147 Charts),

• All available NOAA vector Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs).
• All available USACE vector Inland Electronic Navigation Charts (IENCs).
• Free and trial versions of PC and Macintosh charting and navigation software.
• Government publications, reference texts, and nautical calculators in searchable Adobe Acrobat PDF format including:
- American Practical Navigator (Bowditch)
- Atlas of Pilot Charts North Atlantic Pub. 106
- Canadian Coast Guard Radio Aids to Navigation
- Chart No. 1
- Distances Between Ports Pub. 151
- Distances Between U.S. Ports
- Federal Meteorological Handbook No. 1
- International Code of Signals Pub. 102
- Marine Weather Service Charts
- Mariner’s Guide for Hurricane Awareness
- MF and HF Channels
- Nautical Calculators
- Nautical Chart User’s Manual
- Navigation Rules (International & Inland)
- NGA List of Lights
- NOAA Coast Pilots
- NOAA Hurricane Basics
- NWS Observing Handbook No. 1
- Radio Navigation Aids Pub. 117
- Sailing Directions (Enroute)
- Sailing Directions (Planning Guides)
- Sight Reduction Tables Pub. 229
- State Chart Catalogs
- USCG Light Lists
- U.S. VHF Channels
- World Port Index Pub. 150
- WW Marine Radiofax Broadcast Schedules

Raster & Vector Charts for United States Waters Compatibility*†:
Standard NOAA and USACE chart downloads (BSB & S-57 files). Compatible with all leading PC and Macintosh charting and navigation applications including: Fugawi • Maptech • Furuno MaxSea • NavimaQ • Nobeltec • TIKI Navigator • SeaClear • OziExplorer • The Capn • MacENC • Global Navigation • CARIS • Coastal Explorer • Raytech • NavSim • And Others


Managing The Waterway
Managing The Waterway

Biscayne Bay, FL to Dry Tortugas, FL

Get Onboard with E-Charting
Get Onboard with E-Charting

M. & D. Doyle