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Sailing Watches and Timers

Add a full-featured sailor's watch to your performance attire to ensure proper timekeeping and timeless style at the helm. Landfall® offers the best selection of sailing watches for men and women by trusted nautical timekeeping brands like Win Design, Gill, Momentum, Garmin and Suunto. Each sailing watch or timer is made for precise, highly visual timekeeping on and near the water for mistake-proof timing while dinghy racing, sailing and more. We offer dinghy racing watches, GPS watches, regatta timers, traditional ladies' sailing watches and even diving watches for all your water watch needs at Landfall®.

  • Ronstan Clear Start Race Timer

    Ronstan Clear Start Race Timer

    Ronstan Race Timer mistake-proof starting-->
    Code: MRF4050
  • Ronstan Clear Start Sailing Watch

    Ronstan Clear Start Sailing Watch

    Like the name implies: no clutter of confusing and unnecessary functions. Features include multiple-start sequences, audible alarms, “sync" button for when gun is missed. Has a shock resistant case with soft touch PU strap and heavy-duty stainless steel b
    Code: MRF4052
  • WinDesign Racing Watch

    WinDesign Racing Watch

    small and compact. This watch has all the functions of a good racing watch including a sync feature for the countdown timer. Perfect for opti and other dinghy racing.
    Now $52.40
    Code: MEX3018

You'll find the best sailing watch for your exact preferences in this assortment. Take timekeeping into the future with the Garmin Quatix GPS Marine Navigation Watch, a high-performance marine watch with a built-in GPS navigator, altimeter, barometer and compass. Choose a Gill Sailing Watch if you prefer a streamlined, water-resistant watch that won't get in your way while racing, hiking or coaching. We recommend a Suunto sailing watch for sailors who want a modern, sporty look without compromising on durability and functionality. Each sailing watch from Landfall® has been hand-selected for quality, comfort and unique features.