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Watershed Survival Bag


Small Survival Equipment Bag:

If your boat leaves the dock, this ditch bag is a must. Developed in conjunction with U.S. Coast Guard Aviation Life Support, this bag offers peace of mind in a compact package.

Inflatable and completely airtight with welded seams and watertight enclosure. The oral inflate/purge valve allows you to introduce boyancy after the watertight seal is enabled. Users can add their preferred survival and mission-critical gear. A must have for any vessel.

Standard issue includes:
- Coast Guard approved SOLAS reflective tape
- Stainless steel D-rings
- Military-spec stitching
- High visibility colors.

Weight: 2 lbs 1oz
Capacity: 1800 CU. IN. (30 L
Dimensions: 10"x19.5"x9.5"
Opening Size: 17"
Closure Type: ZipDry

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Abandon Ship Bag Supplies
Abandon Ship Bag Supplies

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