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Complete Set

Based on the famous book and narrated by the author himself, John Rousmaniere, these award-winning DVD's are some of the most outstanding in the field.
  • Volume One: Cruising Under SailVolume One: Cruising Under Sail Clear demonstrations of the many skills required for successful cruising. Includes crew organization, navigation, sail trim, docking, safety, anchoring, steering and handling. 72 min.
  • Volume Two: Heavy Weather SailingVolume Two: Heavy Weather Sailing Rousmaniere's demonstrations include boat preparation, crew readiness, shortening sail, heaving to, use of a drogue, steering techniques. 55 min.
  • Volume Three: Safety At SeaVolume Three: Safety At Sea Clear action demonstrations of boat and crew preparation, changing halyards, going aloft, route planning, crew overboard recovery, stopping the boat, injuries, calling for help, flares, and life-raft inflation. 94 min.
  • Volume Four: Sailboat NavigationVolume Four: Sailboat Navigation Step-by-step demonstrations of high-tech electronic navigation, loran, radar, classic piloting and dead-reckoning in good weather, in fog, by day and by night. Produced in association with the US Coast Guard. 70 min.
  • Volume Five: Daysailers Sailing & RacingVolume Five: Daysailers Sailing & Racing For the novice and intermediate sailor of small keel boats. Includes hull design, rigging, boat handling, tacking and jibing, crew overboard rescue, spinnaker work and club racing. 75 min.

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