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Celestial Navigation
Simplified DVD

by William F. Buckley Jr.

At last! An enjoyable and painless way to learn the difficult art of celestial navigation!

Join this world-renowned personality, William F. Buckley, Jr., for the most unique program on celestial ever. Mr. Buckley simply and clearly explains the theory and practice of Celestial Navigation and teaches the noon shot. Artfully designed computer graphics illustrate and clarify each step on the way, making this one of the best and easiest learning programs ever devised for such a complex subject. He illuminates on the finer points of GP (Geographical Position), The Sextant, The Celestial Triangle, Dip, Geographical, Sight Reduction, Correction Factors, Position, Tables, G.H.A. & L.H.A., Declination, G.M.T., Sextant Errors. Worth twelve weeks of night school! 48 min.
Celestial Navigation Study Guide (.pdf)

Celestial Navigation Simplified DVD
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Celestial Navigation
Celestial Navigation

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