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Rules Of The Road - The Boater's Highway Code

Presented by BOATING MAGAZINE. Learn the Rules and Regulations for Maximum Boating Safety.

All boaters have to follow the appropriate regulations with respect to their operation on the water. This program covers 38 United States Coast Guard Navigation Rules and Regulations, which have been developed for both inland and international waters. Not only will you learn what the rules are, but how to apply, understand and operate your vessel under any condition of visibility. You'll also learn how to assess risk situations and to avoid collisions whether in narrow channels, while overtaking, crossing or in head-on situations to make your boating safer and more enjoyable.

Subjects covered include: Requirements for navigational lights and day shapes / Maneuvering and warning signals Towing and pushing, Sound signals / Distress signals / Sailing and steering rules for different size vessels. 45 min. Available on Video or DVD.

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