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Powerboat Navigation

with John Rousmaniere

Hosted by World renowned expert John Rousmaniere. Teaches: Navigation rules, plotting bearings, chart & compass use, radar, GPS and much more!

This program teaches the step-by-step techniques for navigating with both classic dead reckoning piloting and electronic navigation instruments. Clear demonstrations are shown on the water and the simulator of a Coast Guard certified navigation school. Detailed close-ups, graphics and imaginative presentations of how objects appear on the chart, radar scope and water are shown in both good and bad visibility.

Subjects covered include: The chart and compass / GPS satellite navigation / Radar for navigating & avoiding collisions / The navigation rules / Taking & plotting bearings / Allowing for tidal current / Navigating in fog & at night / Tips & tricks for making quick decisions. 68 min. Available on Video or DVD.

#VN375 $29.95