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USCG Launch Operator's License

USCG Approved Limited OUPV/Master (Launch Tender) License

Course Description
This sixteen hour, hands-on course is for anyone who wants to learn how to safely operate a powerboat, improve their on-the-water boat handling skills and earn a U.S. Coast Guard (geographically) Limited Masters or a Limited Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessel (OUPV) U.S. Coast Guard License (see license requirements below).

This license is designed for those working at yacht clubs, marinas, camps, and community waterfront centers as a launch driver, sailing instructor or camp counselor. This course covers safe boat operation, docking, anchoring, marlinspike seamanship (knots, coiling and heaving line), navigation rules & navigation aids, safety equipment, emergency procedures, rendering assistance and a host of other areas.

USCG Launch Operator's License May6-7, Jun10-11, Jul22-23
#SRV-LAU $350.00
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  • Format & Requirements
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This is the only local course that offers a full day of hands on training driving real launch boats
The topics are covered using a variety of techniques in the classroom and dockside, emphasizing on-the-water practical application of all skills.

The United States Coast Guard and National Association of State Boating Law Administrators(NASBLA)have approved this course which also meets the boating safety certificate requirements in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.
Upon successful completion of this course and a 50 question multiple choice written exam you will receive a SUNY Maritime College certificate which exempts you from USCG exam when applying for a Limited Masters/Limited OUPV (Launch Operator) License.
Course completion or exam certificate allows recipient twelve (12) months to submit USCG License application.
Sixteen hour course set over two days
  • Day One: Classroom Instruction
    ---8 Hours at Landfall Marine Training Center

  • Day Two: Practical On The Water Instruction
    ---8 Hours at SUNY Maritime

License Types Offered & License Requirements:
Limited OUPV
Description: Operate uninspected passenger vessels/launch (OUPV) carrying no more than six (6) passengers in a limited geographic area
Age: 17 years of age
Sea Time: 90 days (4+ hrs/day) of self-documented sea time, 90 days in the last three years
Application: Application Form
Physical exam: Routine physical examination including eye exam and Drug Test

Limited Masters
Description: Operate inspected passenger vessels/launch (OUPV) carrying seven (7) passengers or more in a limited geographic area
Age: 18 years of age
Sea Time: 120 days (4+ hours/day) of self-documented sea time, 90 days in last three years
Application: Application Form
Physical exam: Routine physical examination including eye exam and Drug Test

InstructorUSCG Licensed Captain
Age Group: 17 - adult
Group Size: 6 - 9
  • Books and other teaching aides (to be mailed out a week before the class)
  • Safety equipment
  • Classroom and on-the water instruction
  • US POWERBOATING Safe Boating Certification
  • SUNY Maritime College USCG launch Operators Course Completion Certificate
  • Connecticut Boating Safety Certificate
  • US Powerboating Safe Boating Certificate
  • SUNY Maritime College Limited Masters Limited OUPV Course Completion Certificate

Additional fees paid directly to government agency upon completion of the course:
  • Lifetime State Boating Safety Certifications ($10 for New York State, $50 for Connecticut)
  • USCG license application fee ($150)
  • Applicants for a Launch Operator will also have to obtain their Transportation Workers Identification Credential (TWIC) card ($132.50)