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Tylaska Marine Hardware

Whether you want to swap out your rusty old marine hardware or upgrade to something more rugged, you'll love Landfall's® selection of Tylaska marine parts. Tylaska, a Connecticut-based sailing parts manufacturer, makes high-performance snap shackles, fids, halyard shackles, pole ends and rigging hardware that are engineered with a focus on physics rather than economics. That means their structural parts are all made with hard-wearing, corrosion-resistant elements that have gone through a variety of comprehensive tests to ensure optimum performance.

Snap Shackles


J-Lock Style Shackles

Machined Halyard Shackles

Linked Peel Shackles

Shackle Opening Fids

Tylaska Spool Shackles

Tylaska Canvas Tools

Tylaska Swivels

SP Trigger Style Snap Shackles & Presslocks

SS Plunger Style Shackles and Pole Ends

Ball-Lock Clevis Pins


Dogbones (Aluminum)

Dogbones (Stainless Steel)

Basic Clevis Pins

2 Hole Clevis Pins

Rigging Pins

Tylaska Snap Shackles

Tylaska J-Lock Style Shackles

Tylaska Machined Halyard Shackles

Tylaska Linked Peel Shackles

Tylaska Shackle Opening Fids

Tylaska Tylaska Spool Shackles

Tylaska Tylaska Canvas Tools

Tylaska Tylaska Swivels

Tylaska SP Trigger Style Snap Shackles & Presslocks

Tylaska SS Plunger Style Shackles and Pole Ends

Tylaska Ball-Lock Clevis Pins

Tylaska Ferrules

Tylaska Dogbones (Aluminum)

Tylaska Dogbones (Stainless Steel)

Tylaska Basic Clevis Pins

Tylaska 2 Hole Clevis Pins

Tylaska Rigging Pins

Landfall® supplies a huge selection of Tylaska snap shackles, including J-lock shackles, peel shackles and spool shackles, all of which are designed for high strength and low weight to ensure efficiency. Tylaska halyard shackles feature a fixed, thimble style construction for the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any existing halyard shackle on the market. They are all-metal machined and have stainless steel pins to improve wear. Landfall® also stocks our selection of Tylaska parts with Tylaska shackleheads, stainless steel rigging dogbones, clevis pins, rigging pins and more.