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Tiller Extensions and Universal Joints

Steer with control from anywhere on the boat with top-quality tiller extensions and universal joints from Landfall®. You can create your own steering experience with customizable reach that doesn't compromise on grip, control or movement awareness. Landfall® stocks tiller extensions and tiller universals by helmsman's preferred brands, including Harken, Optiparts, JCD, Ronstan and more. Browse high-quality replacement universal joints for tiller extensions or replace your cumbersome stainless steel system with a high-tech tiller extension universal with rope core.

Tiller Extension

Tiller Extension Universal Joints
Tiller Extension Universal Joints

Harken tiller extensions are designed to allow you to steer by the feel of the helm, so you'll be able to feel even the slightest boat and rudder movements for complete control. They feature a universal joint plus a comfortable, non-slip foam grip that's great for fingertip steering and full dagger grip steering. We also carry WinDesign Carbon Tiller Extensions that are constructed from a uni-directional carbon and covered with braided carbon and Kevlar. To learn more about our affordable tiller extensions, don't hesitate to contact Landfall® via phone at 800-941-2219.