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Throw Raft: The Inflatable
Throwable MOB Device.



This is our mission, and accomplishing this is no easy task. But neither is anything worth doing. We are creating innovative safety products that challenge the current standards, and we’re proud to be doing it.

Uses re-arm kit Mustang MIT 100 Inflatable PFD Lifejacket Re-arm Kit.

Throw Raft
#STD2401 $129.95

  • USCG Approved
  • Innovation
  • Inventor
  • Video

The TD2401 is the only TYPE IV inflatable throwable flotation device on the market.

And It's Approved by the U.S. Coast Guard


Approval #160.049/275/0

Patent Info - U.S. Patent No. 8, 070,543 B1 and other
U.S. and Foreign Patents Pending.

We Are Innovators

We will change the water safety industry.
In fact, we already have.

The ThrowRaft TD2401 has helped write a new standard for Inflatable Throwable Devices for the Personal Flotation Device (PFD) industry.

Troy Faletra

"When an emergency happens on the water, your equipment is as important as your experience level."

The inventor and founder of ThrowRaft, Troy is the real deal. A fisherman turned yacht captain turned all-around waterman, he understands how relentless it can be out there when you’re not prepared. He was even stranded 9 miles offshore once, having to claw his way back to land over the course of 16 grueling hours.