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Hydrophobic Fleece

Stay warm and dry with the newest advancement in base layer technology: hydrophobic fleece. Tops, pants and pullovers with hydrophobic fleece feature a hydrophobic nylon outer layer coated with a durable water repellant (DWR) finish that makes the water fall right off. What's unique about hydrophobic fleece gear is its warmth-trapping inner microfleece layer that keeps you super warm in the bitter cold. Landfall® has hydrophobic fleece apparel by Zhik, Magic Marine and Gill.

Lightweight yet highly thermal, hydrophobic fleece garments are naturally water repellant and breathable. Popular options such as the Zhik Hydrophobic fleece top features soft, stretchy fabric with water-resistant flat lock seams and UPF 50+ UV protection, while tops such as the Magic Marine Bipoly Pullover, offer high necks for extra wind and cold protection. These garments may be worn alone in the warmer months. Be sure to pair your hydrophobic fleece layers with a waterproof mid-layer and a drysuit for added warmth in extreme cold.