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Syrup Charges 5 Pack

Generates a lifesaving drink from salt water.

The SeaPack emergency water desalinator makes a survival drink from any available water supply: salt water, brackish water, muddy water, or questionable fresh water.

The key to SeaPack's reliability is its ease of operation: simply fill the filter's red port with dirty water and squirt one of the enclosed syrup bottles into the green port. The forward osmosis membrane filter does the work by attracting pure water molecules to the electrolytes in the syrup which then pass through the pores of the membrane. 97% of salts are rejected and mud and pathogens are also rejected to EPA standards. Since there is no pumping, the SeaPack won't clog and requires no energy to operate.

Sea-Pack Emergency DesalinatorFrom salt water, the SeaPack will produce 1/2 liter of lifesaving drink in five hours from each syrup bottle. The filtered drink is high in sugars to help provide the calories needed in a survival situation. This forward osmosis technology is trusted and used by the U.S. military and has been used around the world.
Package contains: Five (5) syrup bottle charges.