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Search & Rescue
6 Person Life Raft

"The World's Best Blue Water Offshore Life Raft? ABSOLUTELY!!!"

The Search and Rescue Life Raft by Switlik. The introduction of the Mark-II version of the Search and Rescue life raft continues the Switlik tradition of providing the most advanced designs available anywhere to recreational yachtsmen. The SAR-6(-)-TSD-MKII is the marine version of the air-droppable life raft (Model LRU-20) Switlik designed for the United States coast guard's helicopters and fixed wing aircraft. Switlik SAR 6 Life Raft Specifications (.pdf)

It combines three major features from earlier designs:
  • Convertible canopy of the coastal-MKI life raft
  • Toroidal Stability Device (TSD) off the original Search & Rescue (MKI)
  • Twin-tube boat-shaped hull of the USCG/A! SOLAS-6-MKI

  • Standard Features, Accessories, & Extended Pack
    * Toroidal Stability Device (TSD) Ballast System
    * Over-Lapped Seams Taped Inside and Out
    * High Visibility Fluorescent Orange Canopy with Opaque Blue Inner Coating
    * Storm Flaps with 2" wide Velcro Closures over Canopy Zippers
    * 3 square feet of SOLAS Grade Retro-Reflective Tape on Life Raft Bottom
    * 30 feet of 2000lb. Test Inflation/ Mooring Lanyard
    * USCG Approved Life Raft Exterior Locator Light with On/Off Switch
    * Heaving Ring and 100 feet of Floating Retrieval Line
    * Rain Water Catcher
    * Interior Grasp Lines

    Survival Gear (Standard)
    (1) Survival Manual
    (1) Immediate Action Placard Hanging from Arch Tube
    (1) USCG Approved folding Utility Knife
    (1) USCG Approved Fishing Kit
    (1) Water Bag
    (1) Drinking Cup
    (1) per person: Sea Sickness Tablets 36ea.
    (1) Can Opener

    Extended Equipment

    (1) Spare Military Specification Sea Anchor & Rode
    (1) USCG Approved First Aid Kit
    (1) per person: USCG Approved Food Rations 60,000kJ.
    (1) per person: USCG Approved Drinking Water (Add'l) 33oz.
    (2) Water Bag (Add'l)
    (1) Compass (Lensatic, Liquid Filled-#468)
    (1) SPF 25 Waterproof Sun Screen 4oz.
    (1) USCG Approved/ SOLAS Parachute Flares (Add'l)
    (1) Dye Marker (Military Specification /Mil-S-17980)
    * Twin Heavy Duty (840 denier) Nylon Buoyancy Tubes Coated on Both Sides with Abrasion Resistant Urethane
    * Raft Use Instructions Silk Screened on Buoyancy Tubes
    * Two 4 feet Wide Canopy Doors and Convertible Canopy Top with Heavy Duty Marine Grade Zippers
    * Twin Independent Canopy Support Arch Tubes
    * Carbon Dioxide (CO2) / Nitrogen (N2) Inflation System (Operating Range of -22 degrees F to pluse 150 degrees F.)
    * USCG Approved Life Raft Interior Light with On/ Off Switch
    * Auto Deployed Military Specification Sea Anchor with 50 feet of 1,000 pound test Rode
    * Life Raft Righting Strap
    * Rigid Boarding Step
    * Boarding Hand-Holds
    * 4ea. Manual Topping-Off Valves
    * Floating Life Raft Safety Knife
    * Exterior Life Lines
    * High Proof-Test Attachment Points
    * Boarding Ladder
    * 6ea. Over-Pressure Relief Valves

    Raft Supplies (Standard)
    (1) Hand Inflation Pump with 5" Extension
    (2) Sponges
    (1) Water Proof Equipment Bag (Large)
    (2) Paddles
    (1) Equipment Bag (Small)
    (3) Raft Repair Clamp Kit (1sm, 1 med. & 1 lg.)
    (6) Pressure Relief Valve Plugs
    (1) Bailing Bucket

    Signaling Devices (Standard)
    (1) USCG Approved/ SOLAS Parachute Flares
    (3) USCG Approved/SOLAS Hand-Held Flares
    (1) USCG Approved Signal Mirror
    (1) USCG Approved Flash Light
    (2) Spare Flash Light Batteries
    (1) Spare Flash Light Bulb
    (1) Whistle

    Switlik builds the SAR-6(-)-TSD-MKII using 16-oz./sq.yd. Nylon fabric coated inside and out with puncture and abraslon resistant Urethane. Any survival or other life raft equipment that can be Coast Guard approved, is. It is constructed with the same pride and to the same high quality control standards as all Switlik Parachute Company life-saving equipment. We offer this raft in a:
    Standard Equipment Pack
  • SAR-6S-TSD-MKII Soft Valise: 26" long x 24" wide x 14.5" height. 102 lbs
  • SAR-6H-TSD-MKII Hard Container: 36.5" long x 24" wide x 16.5" height. 121 lbs

  • Extended Equipment Pack All Standard Raft, Survival, and Signaling Equipment, plus the Extended Equipment
  • SAR-6S-TSD-MKII-EXT Soft Valise: 36" long x 24" wide x 16.5" height. 116 lbs
  • SAR-6H-TSD-MKII-EXT Hard Container: 36.5" long x 24" wide x 16.5" height. 135 lbs

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    Switlik Search & Rescue SAR6 Life Raft
    #SSR6- $6,215.00
    Packed in: 
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    Switlik Search & Rescue SAR6 Life Raft Deck Mounting Cradle
    CRADLE-SAR-6-STD S-2231-1
    secures hard container

    #SSR-C List Price $525.00Only $488.00

    Switlik Search & Rescue SAR6 Life Raft Heat Sealed Inflatable Floor
    Switlik Search & Rescue Life Raft; Heat Sealed Inflatable Floor

    #SSR-F List Price $340.00Only $282.00

    Switlik Search & Rescue SAR6 Life Raft Insulated Inflatable Floor
    "INFAB" Independent Drop Stitch

    #SSR-I List Price $950.00Only $840.00

    Switlik Search & Rescue SAR6 Life Raft Hydrostatic Release
    for use with #SSR-C Deck Mounting Cradle only

    #SSR-Y List Price $135.00Only $94.00