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Switlik MOM 600
Throwable Rescue Platform

A new concept for crew overboard or small boat emergencies. The MOM600 stows as easy as a PFD or throwable cushion, but quickly provides emergency flotation as needed. Features: A rugged urethane coated nylon tube, 3 water ballast drogues, 25' mooring line with knife, military qualified vacuum pack with sealed water activated inflation system, water activated strobe light, internal and external lifelines with reflective mounting patches, reversible configuration, optional inflatable pylon with high visibility pennant and reflective tape. Stowed dimensions: 17" x 17" x 3.5" Weighs 15 lbs. Five year service interval.
Switlik MOM 600 Throwable Rescue Platform Brochure (.pdf)

When the need arises, simply open the corner flap to expose the pack contents for deployment. Throw the entire package toward your overboard victim, or tie off to your boat as the case may be. Once the MOM600 hits the water, the water activated inflator takes over, initiating inflation of a fully reversible, easily boarded flotation platform that provides 600 pounds of buoyancy, to keep those in distress up and out of the water awaiting rescue. A water activated strobe and reflective lifeline patches enhance visibility in low light conditions. The MOM600 is NOT a life raft intended for extended durations afloat, but rather a simple, affordable device for those crew overboard or near shore situations where rescue is imminent. An optional inflatable pylon is available to provide still more visibility for those coming to the rescue.

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Switlik MOM 600 Throwable Rescue Platform
#SMOM6 List Price $1,199.00Only $896.00
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w/ Pylon Upgradew/ Pylon UpgradeVersion with the inflatable pylon, high visibility pennant and reflective tape pre-installed.

#SMOM6-P List Price $1,299.00Only $954.00
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