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Switlik MD-3
6 Person
Life Raft

A brand new 6-person raft from Switlik, this may prove to be the ultimate raft on the market — at least when weight is not a serious consideration. Its low, rounded profile will reduce windage and drift. Soft Fabric ValiseComes with four ballast pockets that add over 500 lbs. of stability. The Switlik MD3 meets ISO-9650-1 specs, and is manufactured from the same materials as Switlik’s USCG-approved rafts. Meets ISAF regulations for Category 1 and 2 events. Not USCG-approved. Comes with an extensive equipment kit, and a choice of container or valise storage. Many available options include hydrostatic release, aluminum deck cradle, and more.
  • Soft Fabric Valise: 31" long x 19" wide x 15" height. 97 lbs
  • Hard Fiberglass Container: 31" long x 21" wide x 14" height. 115 lbs

  • Switlik MD 3 Life Raft Specifications (.pdf)

    STANDARD FEATURES 30 ft (9 m) Inflation/Mooring Line 1,685 pound-force (75 kN) Breaking Strength • High Tensile Strength 1,685 pound-force (75 kN) Towing & Inflation/Mooring Line Attachment Point • Red indicator on Inflation/Mooring Line 3 ft (1m) from “Firing Point” • Inflation/Mooring Line Safety Knife • Twin Independent Buoyancy Chambers • CO2 / N2 Inflation System +5°F +149°F (-15°c and +65°c) Operating Range • Manual Topping Off Valves (4 ea) • Over Pressure Relief Valves (2 ea) • Raft Use Instructions (Silk-Screened on High Visibility Raft Tube Labels) • Rigid Boarding Step at Primary Boarding Station • Boarding Ladder (1 ea) • Boarding Aid Handholds • Life Raft Righting Strap • Lifelines (inner) • Lifelines (outer) • High Visibility Fluorescent Orange Canopy with Water Resistant Closures • Twin Independent Canopy Support Arch Tubes with Full Seated Headroom for All Occupants • Blue Inner Coating on Raft Canopy • Two 4' Semi-circular Gull-Wing Canopy Openings • Heavy Duty Marine Grade Water Resistant Zippers Canopy Closures and Ventilation Shutters • Rain Water Collector • Clear Urethane Port Lights (2 ea) • SOLAS Grade Retro-Reflective Tape on Raft Canopy and Bottom • Automatically Activated Boarding Station Locator/External Marker Light • Automatically Activated Interior Light • Large Capacity, Weighted, Rectangular Ballast Pockets • Automatically deployed Sea Anchor complying with ISO 17339 with Heavy Duty Swivel • Heaving Ring with Floating Line 30 m (100 ft) • Independent Heat Sealed Inflatable Floor (To be Stowed in Raft) • Abrasion resistant 1,000 Denier Cordura Soft Valise

    STANDARD EQUIPMENT Drinking Water (3 liters) 102 fl oz • USCG Approved Waterproof Flashlight 2 each • Spare Flashlight Bulb 2 each • Spare Flashlight “D” Cell Batteries 6 each • Sponges 2 each • Bailer 1 each • USCG/SOLAS Red Handheld Distress Flares 3 each • USCG/SOLAS Parachute Distress Flares 2 each • Anti-Seasickness Pills 36 each • Seasickness Bag 6 each • Signaling Mirror 1 each • Signaling Whistle 1 each • Paddles 2 each • Pressure Relief Valve Plugs 2 each • Manual Inflation Pump 1 each • Buoyancy Chamber Repair Clamps 3 each • Floating Safety Knife (mounted on raft tube) 1 ea

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    Switlik MD 3 Life Raft

    Packaged in: 
    Shipping Method *R*: 

    Heat Sealed Inflatable Floor
    now included at no extra charge!

    Insulated Inflatable Floor
    "INFAB" Independent Drop Stitch in lieu of Heat Sealed floor

    Deck Mounting Cradle
    secures hard container (Aluminum)

    Hydrostatic Release
    for use with #SMD-C Deck Mounting Cradle only