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Switlik CPR
Coastal Passage Raft

CPR-1140-1, CPR-1140-2, CPR-1140-3, S-2232-1
Switlik's CPR (Coastal Passage 'Life' Raft) is designed to be a high quality, light weight, best in class coastal life raft, with a convertible canopy system, large, fast deploying water ballast bags and heat sealed construction. The CPR provides 1,140 lbs of inflated buoyancy and 19.6 sq. ft of floor area and offers excellent ventilation as well as total protection from the elements.
Switlik Coastal Passage Life Raft Manual (.pdf)

This professional grade raft is packed with advanced features which set it apart from any other rafts in the market. Switlik Coastal Passage Life RaftFor both the soft valise and hard container options, the Switlik CPR provides the first of its kind 5 year service interval. This extended service offering is accomplished in a responsible manner through the combined use of Switlik’s patented, US military service tested and proven, reduced volume hermetically sealed packaging system and compressed air-charged inflation system with a visible "Go! / No Go" pressure gauge. The gauge is positioned to be easily visible through a viewing window in both the soft valise or the hard container packaging, meaning you can rest easy knowing the raft is charged and ready to deploy. No other rafts available today offers you the same level of safety assurance or value.
  • Fiberglass Hard Case: 48 lbs. 24-1/2" (L) x 13" (W) x 13" (H)
  • Soft Nylon Valise Case: 40 lb. 22" (L) x 13" (W) x 10" (H)

  • Switlik Coastal Passage Life Raft
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    Switlik Coastal Passage Life Raft Hard Container CradleSwitlik Coastal Passage Life Raft Hard Container Cradle
    Switlik CPR Coastal Passage Raft Deck Mounting Cradle
    (no Hydrostatic Release version available)

    #SCPR-C List Price $550.00Only $482.00