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Switlik ISO-9650 OPR-HD Life Raft

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SWITLIK's OPR-HD is designed to be a high quality, heavy duty ISO-9650 compliant version of the OPR, with a convertible canopy system, Toroidal Stability Device and heat sealed construction. The OPR-HD provides 1,350 lbs. of inflated buoyancy and 24 sq. ft. of floor area and offers excellent ventilation as well as total protection from the elements.

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  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Boarding a life raft from a boat or the water can be difficult. That is why the OPR is built with four (4) boarding stations. Each boarding ladder has a wide, stiff step to make it easier to climb over twin tubes
  • The OPR boarding steps were designed to make water entry easier. The Stiff ladder rungs float, making them easy to grab and begin climbing into the raft, even wearing a life jacket. Once you kneel on the boarding step, you can grab a strategically placed boarding strap to support you during raft entry.
  • With SWITLIK’s air charge inflation system, there is now a visible “go/no go” pressure gauge that lets you know your raft is ready to deploy. Time sensitive survival equipment is packed in an external pocket allowing for updating without the cost of servicing the actual life raft.
  • The OPR-HD comes standard with SWITLIK's patented full wrap around Torodial Stability Device (TSD). The SWITLIK TSD provides superior stability and has been proven by the USCG, the RAAF as well as other SAR Organizations worldwide, to be the best option for keeping a raft stable and upright during all conditions including the helicopter rescue.
  • Your life raft was designed to inflate right-side up. However, wind and waves may cause it to inflate upside down. If this happens, the boarding ladder can be reversed to help you easily right the raft. Climbing the ladder nearest to the inflation cylinder you can use the righting strap to help pull yourself up, and flip the raft over.
  • A serious cause of seasickness is the bright orange light which filters through the orange canopy fabric of other rafts. The soothing opaque blue coating that lines SWITLIK’s raft canopies prevents sunlight from passing through the canopy, so there is no flickering of light. The convertible canopy also provides four openings to allow for ventilation, and 360° of visibility.
  • High visibility raft canopy fabric and strategically located reflective patches improve the visibility of the life raft during rescue. The OPR has an exterior light that is activated upon raft deployment, as well as SOLAS-grade reflective tape and patches located all around the raft.
Fiberglass Hard Case:  
Weight1: 96 lb. (43.5 kg.)
Dimensions2: 31-1/2” (L) x 21-1/2” (W) x 15” (H)
Material Hand Laid Fiberglass
Aluminum Cradle Material AL 6463 T55
Soft Valise Case:  
Weight1: 75 lb. (34 kg.)
Dimensions2: 23-1/2” (L) x 14-1/2” (W) x 16”(H)
Material: Nylon Cordura
Life Raft:  
Buoyancy in Fresh Water: 1324 lb. (600.6 kg.)
Buoyancy in Salt Water: 1358 lb. (616 kg.)
Inflated Raft Dimensions: 83.98" Width at flats (90.89" at corners)
Floor Area (Total): 24 sq. ft. (2.23 sq. m)
Operating Temperature Range: -22°F to +160°F (-30° C to +71°C)
Inflation system: Air
Buoyancy tube fabric: 840 Denier Double Coated Nylon